Agile design bricks for buildings

Agile design in building construction allows for increased cooperation among professionals, keeping costs under control, reducing construction site rework and low quality of work, and eliminating the conflicting and stressful management that characterizes projects in construction.The presentation of “Agile Design” was made at the Agile Venture Pordenone event, organized by the Italian Agile Movement, which […]

Organizational silos and domain knowledge.

organizational silos

Silos in organizations are vertical areas of domain expertise, and they are an obstacle to functioning cross functional agile teams. The leaders of these domains are invaluable in supporting and growing these teams. The skills required for hardware or physical product development are many today, and it is important to draw on the great experience […]

The Agile in Tesla

Agile approach in Tesla

The surprise of the Agile approach in continuous product improvement at Tesla Once released into production, upon completion of industrialization activities, a new product enters a phase of development by small increments, which I refer to as “product maintenance.” This phase involves the management of minor product enhancements to facilitate manufacturability, assembly, procurement Small improvements […]

Pretotyping – The 10th of Agile Factory Fundamentals

Agile factory

We explore the power of Agile Pretotyping to accelerate innovation and improve decision making in the enterprise. As I described in my previous article “Digitization – The 9th of Agile Factory Fundamentals,” the development of a physical product requires the evaluation of several alternative solutions among them, each of which is evaluated according to the […]

Agile digitization – The 9th of the fundamentals

Agile digitization is revolutionizing the way companies operate and adapt to the digital age.For the development of a physical product, it is necessary and appropriate to develop more than one concurrent solution, to be presented to the customer and/or stakeholders for their evaluation. Each design solution is analyzed from a variety of perspectives using an […]

Courage – The 8th of the Agile Factory Fundamentals

The topic of this newsletter is courage, which is the eighth foundation of the Agile Factory. Companies are driven by two “tensions” the one of efficiency or Exploitation and the one of exploration or Exploration. Firms, ambidextrous or bimodal, that can balance these two tensions are winners. All actions aimed at ‘Exploration require people and […]

Gradualness – The 7th of the fundamentals of the Agile Factory

agile gradualness

Gradualness is a central foundation of physical product development in agile mode, and that proceeds in small steps (iterations or sprints). Gradualness means proceeding by trial and error by developing next steps based on what emerges. Within each step the product is developed by adding new elements, called product increments, and/or modifying what is done […]

Value – The 6th of the foundations of the Agile Factory

Agile factory

The value fundament, within the agile methodology, is in my opinion the most important value within the agile approach applied to physical products. This fundament extends the second of the values of the agile manifesto: Although there is value in complete documentation we place more value on working software ( The first step of this […]

Craftsmanship – The 2nd of the fundamentals of the Agile Factory

Agile development of a physical or hardware product takes place with cross-functional teams, capable of developing different design ideas in parallel, transforming them into partial products or their high-value mockups of corporate knowledge. This incremental development is done in order to validate design ideas even before building the product in its entirety. The big advantage, […]